Our Moral Purpose

At 山 we are ‘together in the pursuit of excellence’. Our vision is to inspire scholarly excellence in all students. We work as a community to provide support, care and guidance that enables students to excel. Our values of curiosity, courage, and ambition shape confident, happy learners who make a valuable contribution to society.

Our core values characterise our community as we strive for the highest standards and achievements. At 山 we promote:


  • Curiosity is essential for personal growth and development as it helps us to understand the world around us, to solve problems and to innovate.
  • We encourage our students to be confidently curious about the world around them, to ask challenging questions and be open to new experiences and differing views.


  • Courage is essential for success and we encourage students to be courageous in their academic endeavours, the life choices they make and in choosing positive relationships with those around them. 
  • The courage to be kind, respectful and resilient is an essential part of our ethos.


  • Ambition is empowering and hopeful, we encourage students to be ambitious in their goals and dreams. Together, we believe ‘we can’! 
  • We strive for excellence in all areas of our school community and we value the unique contribution of every student. We offer diverse opportunities that build character and open hearts and minds, preparing them for an exciting and rapidly changing world

The short film above introduces our vision, values and new logo.

Our Values in Action!

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15 July 2024
Image of Great 山 Alumnus News

Great 山 Alumnus News

Sebastian Lynch (class of 2021) has graduated from Loughborough University with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics. 

15 July 2024
Image of Last Week of Term Computing Fun for ALL Students

Last Week of Term Computing Fun for ALL Students

Our Computing and Enterprise Faculty have some great activities for ALL students taking place each lunchtime in the last week of the summer term.

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