1 July 2024

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It was a joy to spend two Transition days with our September Year 7 students at the end of June. The whole cohort were amazingly positive, polite and kind.

In addition to finding their way around school, sampling a few lessons and getting used to life as part of the 山 community, we also introduced them to House competitions, which they really enjoyed.

The final results, based on the Achievement Points collected by the each form group over the two days, were as follows:

  1. 7FWJ
  2. 7RCH
  3. 7SHO
  4. 7CF
  5. 7JPD
  6. 7AC
  7. 7JNO

When translated into House points, this meant that Attenborough House took first place followed by Shakespeare, then Angelou and finally Mandela.

The Decibel Challenge had very clear winner and was won by Mandela House!

We are really looking forward to seeing as many students as possible again on Thursday 22nd August for our Activity Day and then welcoming everyone in to school on their first day of their new school on Wednesday 4th September.

Look after your new House ties and, don't forget, we have your House pencil cases ready for you when you arrive.

Have an amazing last few weeks of primary school and a wonderful summer holiday.


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